Father Edwin Gordon Memorial

Petition for Father Edwin Gordon Memorial

When it seemed that Father Gordon was to be buried in Cabo Verde a great deal of enthusiasm was generated for a memorial to be established to him in Fatima.


However, as circumstances dictated that his body be returned to Fatima, his many friends might not be averse to transferring the project of a memorial to him in Cidade Velha, Cabo Verde, where he had been known and deeply loved and revered for several years. It was among these ‘spiritual parishioners’ he had spent his last weeks, and who, along with many others who had travelled from all parts of the island, had collected to mourn his passing at the Mass, the all-night vigil and subsequent burial, to find that the body of their beloved Padre Branco had been taken from them.

Nossa Senhora do Rosário, built 1495. Cidade Velha.
Nossa Senhora do Rosário, built 1495. Cidade Velha.

The local church is directly opposite the house of the family who looked after Father Gordon during his visits, and where he celebrated daily Mass. It is the oldest existing building in Cabo Verde and is one of the rare examples of Gothic architecture in sub-Saharan Africa. From its inception in 1495 it has been known as Nossa Senhora da Rosario. Vasco da Gama visited it in 1497 during the voyage in which he discovered the maritime route to India, and the following year Christopher Columbus prayed here on his third journey to the Americas.


Various activities are held in an area alongside the church, notably the children´s hour-long catechism class each week before Sunday Mass. The proposed memorial to Fr Gordon is an alpendre (shelter) to protect them from the often fierce sun and stone benches and tables suitable to the ambience of the place.

 The part of the courtyard for the proposed Alpendre.
The part of the courtyard for the proposed Alpendre.

It is estimated that the cost of such a structure will be between 3,000 and 4,000 euros.


Those wishing to contribute could use the on-line facility below (amounts will be converted into US dollars), by cheque made out to Leo Madigan and sent to the address below. Enquiries or pledges can be emailed to me at leomadigan@mail.telepac.pt


Donors will be kept abreast of the progress of the fund.


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Hopefully funds could be found to start work on the Father Edwin Gordon Memorial in Cidade Velha during the spring.


Leo Madigan

Rua Sta Luzia 38A 1e

2495-651 Fátima



+(351) 249 53 4607

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The corner of a memorial alpendre on another part of the island.
The corner of a memorial alpendre on another part of the island.

Father Edwin Gordon. R.I.P.

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