Contributors to the Father Gordon Memorial

Many thanks to all persons who have kindly contributed to the Father Gordon Memorial:


Josie McEvoy (Ireland)

Dr. Wilfred Gordon( U.S.A.)        

LM (Portugal)                                   

Lauri Duffy (Ireland)            

Oliver Organ (UK)                  

Paul Coupe (UK)                   

Mary & Michael Watson (UK)         

Annie, Sergio & Alice Macedo. (Portugal)                                                              

Martin Blake (U.K.)             

Alan Frost (U.K.)

Philip Trower (U.K.)

Mary Shepley (Portugal)

Dominic Dowling (Ireland)

Francis Philips (UK)

Tom & Glory Sullivan (U.S.A.)

Don Inglis (U.K.)

Tim Tindal-Robertson (U.K.)

Anne Magdalinski (U.K.)

Greg Arvoy (Portugal)

Stephen & Alice Markey (Ireland)

Ursula Coppinger (Ireland)

Frank Spicer (USA)

Dr. & Mrs Nicholas Bellord (UK & Portugal)

Belfast Pilgrimage Center

Peter & Angela Peddell (U.K.)

Peter Foskin (Ireland)

Agnes Craig, Family and Friends (Northern Ireland)

Margaret Doherty (Ireland)

Andy & Pat Pollard (U.K.)

Mary Watson & Anon (UK)

- Fund currently stands € 3,022.00. (16th December 2014)



The Fund is still open and hopefully the target of €3,000 will be reached during the season.

Bishop Arlindo of the Cabo Verde Diocese of Santiago has counselled patience.

I am told the parish is considering building a small, airy chapel outside the church in Cidade Velha which would be much more useful than the alpendre the Fund was planning to erect. If this happens we will think in terms of an imposing statue of Our Lady of Fatima to put in the new chapel, or perhaps a stained-glass window, either having a solid brass plaque inscribed with a commemoration in English and Portuguese, and with the names of the donors.

I will post more information as it is received.

Leo Madigan.

14th October 2014.

It is hoped that building work will commence on this project during the autumn and that the proposed alpendre will be ready for inauguration by the Bishop of Cabo Verde on the 1st anniversary of Fr Gordon's death - 14t February 2015.

I will post more information as it is received.



6th November 2014

It has at last been decided by the Bishop of Cabo Verde and the Parish Priest of Cidade Velho to build the projected Fr Gordon Memorial alpendre to teach the children catechism on a hill near the church of the Holy Rosary instead of in the courtyard. The projected area is next to the presbytery and only a short walk from the church itself.


Architects are currently drawing up the plans for the structure which will be posted here as soon as they are received.

If the money is available a marble statue of Our Lady of Fatima with Father Gordon’s details and the names of the subscribers on the supporting column will be feature of the site.

It is hoped that everything will be ready for the Bishop to inaugurate the alpendre on the anniversary of Father Gordon’s death which will be 14th February 2015. Questions, suggestions or donations towards the enterprise can be directed to

16th December 2014:

The following letter, in Portuguese, from the Parish priest in Cidade Velha gives the breakdown of costs for the proposed alpendre from the architect used by the diocese. The approximate cost, €2000, (100 Cabo Verde escudos to 1 euro) happily leaves over €900 which will be used to buy a (hopefully marble) statue of Our Lady of Fatima with a base in which a picture of Father Gordon will be set behind glass surrounded by a few words about him. On the sides of the base it is hoped to have the names of the donors incised. The work was to have been completed by the first anniversary of Father Gordon's death- 14th February 2015 - but the architect has had to attend to diocesan interests on the nearby island of Fogo due to the current volcanic eruptions there.

Further developments will be reported as the come to hand. 

 Desde já, peço as minhas sinceras desculpas por todo esse tempo de demora, não é por desinteresse nem indiferença. Apesar de tantas preocupações que vão preenchendo o meu dia a dia aqui na paróquia, nunca deixei de pensar no projeto dos amigos de Pe. Gordon, que é de extrema importância para nós. Pois, aqui avanço com o orçamento sobre as salas de catequese (tudo a base de madeira e "caris") mais casas de banhos que desejamos construir no espaço da nossa horta agrícola.

        PRODUTO                       QUANTIDADE                   PREÇO POR UNIDADE (esc. cabverd)
- Barrotes                                          36                                           1200$

- Palhas                                             15 feixe                                    500$

- Caris                                                8 feixe                                     500$

- Ramos                                             5 dúzia                                     500$

- Cordas                                             4 rolos                                     500$

- Pregos                                             3 Kg                                         300$

- Cimentos                                         15 sacos                                  800$

-Sanitas                                              2                                            15.000$

-Lavatórios                                         2                                              9.000$

                           Mão de obra -----------------------------------------    80.000$
                                   TOTAL ----------------------------------------------- 200.100$

Obs: Isto tudo é uma estimativa feita com os operários. Os gastos podem até aumentar com trabalhos extras que vão surgindo. Já aproveito para deixar o número da conta bancária da Paróquia de Santíssimo Nome de Jesus: BCA; Nº de conta - 11164895101; IBAN - CV64000300001116489510176.
  Quanto mais cedo enviarem, melhor para nós, já que queremos começar o mais depressa possível as obras devido à carência de espaço para o funcionamento normal da catequese aqui na Cidade Velha.

     Um muito obrigado, que Deus nos abençoe.    
     Pe. António Honorato


1st February2015

The €2100 was sent to the Parish on the reception of the above estimate and it is understood that the work is on the way. 

With the money let over an all white, 1 metre high, compressed-marble statue of Our Lady of Fatima was bought in the Fatima Sanctuary to be installed in the alpendre. Currently a marble base is being fitted and inscribed on the front facing panel with a picture of Father Gordon on porcelain. The cost of this work, along with the shipping charges, should be covered by the available funds and a detailed account will be posted here when all is in place.

It was hoped to have the inauguration of the alpendre on February 14th, the first anniversary of Father Gordon's death (incidentally the same day that the local Bishop will be being inducted as a Cardinal in Rome) but it is doubtful whether the building will be finished or the statue have arrived by then.

Watch this space for developments.

Photo of site in Cidade Velha,

Cabo Verde, showing the 

start of the construction.

Another aspect of the site.

The statue of Our Lady of Fatima which will be a feature of the alpendre for teaching the children catechism.

It is 2 cms high - child size - and made of compressed marble.

Currently a marble-faced base is being made by the Sanctuary of Fatima outlet which will carry a picture of Father Gordon on porcelain behind glass, with the following inscription in Portuguese and English on the left and right faces:

This alpendre was erected in memory of Father Edwin Carmel Gordon, the blind 'Fatima' priest, much beloved by the people of Cidade Velha, who died in Rua Banana, February 14th2014,aged 79.

Father Edwin Gordon. R.I.P.

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