The Fatima Story

The Fatima Story

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This children's play tells the story of Fatima.

It has no aims at high drama or literary excellence.

The object is to tell the story, as much for the benefit of the performers as for an audience.


The intention was while writing was that it could be presented as theatre, or on a video, or solely as an audio production. The staging in any of these mediums is left to the inventiveness of those involved.


The actual story is told by narrators in verse. In a stage production they could be anywhere, or even unseen. Only the main characters have lines, but not all that many.


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On stage or in front of a camera there is much scope for visual effects. How, or indeed even if the Blessed Virgin is seen, is open.


In a theatre, decoys could be placed in the auditorium to stimulate audience participation.

Currently there is no performance fee for The Fatima Story but this site does ask to be notified if any form of production is planned. If photographs etc are need as backdrops etc they are available just by contacting the site.

Father Edwin Gordon. R.I.P.

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