What Happened at Fatima

What Happened at Fatima

The story retold for the 21st century

by Leo Madigan


ISBN: 978-972-95882-1-1

Publication Date: 2000

Binding: Quality Softcover

Size: 20cm X 13cm

Pages: 96

Illustrations: 13 B&W


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An up-to-date and beautifully told account of the events at Fatima, which really brings them to life. With many illustrations, this is a book which will make you look at Fatima in a new light.

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A sparklingly readable, comprehensive and up-to-date account of the basic story of the apparitions. The author’s original thoughts, refreshingly free from sugary piety and sentimentality, will stimulate renewed devotion to the message which the Holy Father described as “the true Gospel of Christ”.

- Tim Tindal-Robertson - author of Fatima, Russia & Pope John Paul II


For those who intend to visit Fatima, this book is a must. It covers all the important elements of the drama that one needs to know. Much of the writing is a sheer delight, and his occasional personal commentary is, at times, reminiscent of Chesterton.

- Brian Peachey - author of The Gift of the Rosary, Unbroken Spirit


Excellent! The presentation is thoughtful, spiritually insightful and presents new information. It will provide a much needed fresh perspective on Fatima for first-time English speaking readers, and is a wonderful refresher course for Fatima veterans.

- John Hauf - Former Editor of SOUL Magazine.


This booklet brings the story of the apparitions to life. Not only does it tell us what happened at Fatima, but it is also takes the reader behind the scenes, giving us some vivid spiritual insights in the process. An excellent read.

- Donal Foley - author of Marian Apparitions, the Bible, and the Modern World

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