To the Ends of the Earth

To The Ends of the Earth

A Pictorial account of Blessed Alexandrina da Costa

by José Ferreira

Translated by Leo Madigan (as Baron Madigan of Lumiar)


ISBN: 978-972-9146-47-3

Publication Date: 2007

Binding: Quality Softcover

Size: 24cm X 16cm

Pages: 160

Content suitability (Age): 16-up

To The Ends of the Earth
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This exploration of the remarkable life and influence of a girl from a village in the north of Portugal, who was confined her to bed and almost never travelled beyond her immediate environment, is enthusiastically conveyed by José Ferreira, a schoolteacher from Alexandrina’s area who has spent many years promoting devotion to the Beata.


The book is an essential part of a library for anyone interested in Alexandrina da Costa, her mysticism, her voluminous writings (mostly unpublished in any language). It is published in both Portuguese (Até aos Confins do Mundo) and English by the Municipality of Póvoa de Varzim, the administrative centre for Balasar where Alexandrina spent her life.


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Translator’s Note

When I first received the papers which make up the text of this book from my friend José Ferreira in Balasar I worked on them very cursorily, thinking they were simply for information. By the time I realized they were intended for publication it was too late to polish them so I some of the English is not up to the standard that the subject deserves. But on the rosier side I reckon it is better to have such an informative study available even if the translator acknowledges his shortcomings.

Father Edwin Gordon. R.I.P.

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