The Golden Book of Fatima

The Golden Book of Fatima: The Essential Companion for English-Speaking Pilgrims

By Leo Madigan


The engrossing Golden Book of Fatima has evolved from the author’s highly successful Fatima Handbook (1999) and the Fatima Guide (2007) to this low-priced, pocket-sized compendium containing all that a pilgrim could want to know about Fatima.


It contains a wealth of photographs from private collections and the Fatima archives, and is the only comprehensive, fully illustrated guide to the shrine in any language.


As an encyclopedic key to the Shrine, its history, spirituality, personalities and facilities, it is both a vademecum and a souvenir!


ISBN: 978-989-8564-03-0

Publication Date: 2013

Binding: Quality Softcover

Size: 15cm X 10cm

Pages: 303

Content suitability (Age): 12-up



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As an ebook under previous title, the Fatima Guide, with limited illustrations:


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Father Edwin Gordon. R.I.P.

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