Joyas de las Memorias de la Hermana Lucia

Joyas de las Memorias de la Hermana Lucía

by Leo Madigan


ISBN: 978-972-99941-2-8

Publication Date: 08/ 2006

Binding: Softcover

Size: 4.5 x3.5in

Pages: 64

Content suitability (Age): All

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In 2003 the Sanctuary authorities placed 25 marble plaques on the pilgrim paths of Aljustrel and surrounding areas. These plaques are inscribed with short but pertinent extracts from Sister Lucia’s Memoirs.


Joyas de las Memorias de la Hermana Lucia is a Spanish translation of each of these numbered plaques, along with a translation of the stones and notice boards at Cabeço and Valinhos, and near the well behind Lucia’s house.


This popular booklet saw several reprints in the English version. This English version is now out of print and the information is all contained in The Golden Book of Fatima.


In addition to being a of practical use to the pilgrim visiting these sites, the booklet is an excellent reference for meditation for those familiar with the classic work of spirituality which Lucia’s Memoirs has become.

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