Exquisite Miniature:

Nellie Organ, 1903-1908

Exquisite Miniature: Nellie Organ, 1903-1908

by Leo Madigan


ISBN: 978-972-99941-6-6

Publication Date: 2011

Binding: Quality Softcover

Size:14.5cm X 10cm

Pages: 318

Content suitability (Age): 12-up


Exquisite Miniature: Nellie Organ, 1903-1908
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At the dawn of the last century, in 1904, Peter Pan emerged in England, and Wonderful Wizard of OZ in America. These were fantasies for children which also found a resonance with adults. As fantasies they are worthy, and they endure.


At the same heaven captured the heart of a little girl in Ireland, not with fantasies, but with the Living Truth, a little less palatable for our escapist natures, perhaps, but infinitely more worthy and more enduring. This is her story.


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