Armchair Fátima

Armchair Fátima

Armchair Fátima: an Illustrated tour of the Shrine and nearby sites.

 by Leo Madigan


ISBN: 9781883937683

Publication Date: 02 / 2002

Binding: Quality Softcover

Size: 5.5 x8.5in

Pages: 264

Content suitability (Age): 12-up

Armchair Fátima: an Illustrated tour of the Shrine and nearby sites.
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 There are those who criticize Marian Shrines by saying that they are too centred on Mary, that Christ is shouldered out, as it were, by all the prayers and devotions directed to His mother.


But a healthy devotion to Our Blessed Lady can never do this because she herself is so utterly centred on her God that any prayer we direct towards her finds God, indeed, it finds God more readily because she is the mediatrix of grace between God and the soul.


This image of the Sacred Heart, (in the middle of the Sanctuary) central yet unobtrusive, majestic yet familiar, aglow with gold yet curiously hidden, illustrates powerfully that, just as the name of Jesus is in the middle of the Hail Mary, so Christ Himself is the true centre of any Marian shrine.

ebook version of Armchair Fatima


The author lives in Fatima and has published a number of books on the Shrine – its history, significance and message.


In Armchair Fatima he has written an entertaining, informative and often humorous book on this Marian jewel based on his researches and occasional work as a guide.


It is available via the following links:


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In Armchair Fatima the author presents an entertaining, fascinating and informative book on this Marian jewel based on his researches and his occasional work as a guide. His object is clearly to lure his readers to Fatima, in spirit if not in person. Along with the facts, and abundant photographs, old and new, he uses stories. He has a keen ear for a story and his pages are full of them, not only those associated with the immediate Fatima area, but also those places of religious interest which pilgrims visit on day trips such as:


  • The Eucharistic Miracle Church at Santarem
  • Coimbra
  • Sitio & Nazere
  • The Monasteries of Batalha & Alcobaça
  • Balasar - Blessed Alexandrina and the earth cross
  • The Convents of Tuy and Pontavedra


The 316 photographs in this book, drawn both from the archives and from contemporary sources, draw readers into the Fatima experience as effectively as any words might.



7. This picture was taken in September 1917. The lady on the left who looks like Queen Mary (the present Queen of England’s paternal grandmother) is Maria de Jesus Pena Raposo who wrote a post card the following day saying that she had been in the Cova da Iria and referred to the theft ‘of what was left of the holm oak, which I saw cut’ and of ‘the arch, the bench, the lanterns, in fact everything which had been there had been used on the 24th for a farcical procession which was a disgrace for all Catholics.’ The lady talking with Senhora Raposa is Maria Carreira, known as Maria da Capelinha. A crown of cut branches has been erected over the place of the apparition tree.


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    Frank Spicer (Monday, 20 January 2014 16:34)

    I greatly enjoyed reading "ARMCHAIR FATIMA". This short book is filled with much information about the most important Marian Apparition of the twentieth century. Leo Madigan has a unique ability to inform and offer spiritual gems on each page. For those who are familiar with the Fatima story and message, this is a "must read". For those not as familiar it will give a wonderful introduction in a concise manner to Our Blessed Mother's message for the world.

Father Edwin Gordon. R.I.P.

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