Blessed Alexandrina da Costa

The Mystical Martyr of Fatima

Blessed Alexandrina da Costa, The Mystical Martyr of Fatima.

by Leo Madigan


ISBN: 9781883937683

Publication Date: 02 / 2002

Binding: Quality Softcover Size:5.5 x8.5in

Pages: 264

Content suitability (Age): 12-up


Blessed Alexandrina da Costa, The Mystical Martyr of Fatima.
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In this book can be found some of the most inspired pages ever written about the Blessed Alexandrina. This new edition, ‘dedicated to the memory of Francis Reynolds, 1931-2006, who was fundamental in founding the Alexandrina Society in May 1992’, stretches over 103 pages and consists of two parts. The first matches the original edition, and the second, which contains 16 pages of the ‘Sentiments of the Soul’ (1944) excerpts from Alexandrina’s own writings.


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Icon of Alexandrina. (José Ferreira)
Icon of Alexandrina. (José Ferreira)

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