The Bank of Infinite Reserves

The Bank of Infinite Reserves

by Leo Madigan


Winner of the 1997 Tom-Gallon Award


See also: ebook version "The Five Stones"


Rolf Derkorn drew the pictures.

The Bank of Infinite Reserves
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Why is a Portuguese schoolboy desperate to see the Pope?


How do the ashes of the Phoenix prevent a murder?


Where do the devils banished from Mount Athos go?


The answers are to be found in the story of Dedo, who is given a mysterious belt to wear by a red-eyed Duke. Soon he finds himself being chased through Europe by a sinister gang and, as an improbable consequence, on a mission which starts at the tomb of the Blessed Virgin at Ephesus.


"I have been re-reading The Bank of Infinite Reserves with undiminished pleasure. I can honestly say this about it: This is one of the most, wonderfully imaginative, compellingly readable children's books that I have ever had the good fortune to come across. It should become a classic. It deserves to be classed with Lewis's Narnia tales and Tolkien's Hobbits ...Even though I think to appreciate it fully you have to be a Catholic, I would say it can still give immense enjoyment to anyone who is not hopeless prejudiced against religion and Christianity."


Philip Trower - author of Turmoil and Truth

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